Because we are running out of time. Because we do not agree with what is happening all around us. Because something within tells us there has to be another way. We are the generation responsible to face the challenges of our times. Because a wave of change is already taking place out there, throughout the continent, unforeseen and unexposed. Why? Because the answers to our questions are awaiting us out there; we venture against all odds to document the Americas as they will never be again.

THE WINDS is the story of a group of young artists trying to make a difference. Filmmakers and musicians creating a television show on the go, capturing the images and sounds of the oceans, land and its people along the way. Exposing the social issues that spread across our societies in this modern era and the individuals and organizations that are fighting them. We’ll be searching for examples of local heroes and giving them a voice through the series. Sharing the cultures we meet along our travels with audiences around the world. Raising awareness in every city, town and port on the state of our world and what we can do for it. Experiencing the challenges of taking the uncharted path, sailing through the storms, telling the story of a generation for change.

THE WINDS is the intimate journal of seven friends on the voyage of a lifetime, their adventures and hardships as they sail around the American continent on board their small vessel for 8 months. A non-scripted television show consisting of 13 episodes covering more than 20 different countries in the Americas.

THE WINDS is about to go against all odds and face the battles of our generation and we need your help. Contact us to become involved and join us every step of the way.

THE WINDS is looking to develop and sustain long-term alliances and partnerships with broadcasting companies, environmentally responsible corporations, social entities, NGOs, academic institutions and research centers.

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