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    For sale - js flyboy

    FOR SALE - JS FLYBOY --- $185<br /><br /><br />Dimensions<br /><br />6'3<br />18 3/8 <br />2 5/16<br /><br />Round Pin<br />FCS<br />Creatures Pad<br /><br />This board is in Good Condition. Excellent step up for winter or fall.
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    thats good condition? a little ambitious death2sups. looks like your right fin plug came out, got it fixed, theres now spider cracks surrounding it, the middle fin plugs look damaged. the back of the nose of the board looks like you ran over a jetty, the track pad looks like its from the late 80's, and theres a mysterious circle on the deck of the board that i cant tell if its a wax or some weird repair job. I say $100. sorry, i was interested until i looked closer at the pictures. cool shape though