Looking to have a new board shaped for me and I live in Baltimore. Not a lot of shapers around here. My best friend and his wife own a house in Beach Haven, LBI. They rent it out during the summer, but let us use it in the off season and my wife and kids and I get there a few times a year. Headed there in late April/early May to help him refinish his hardwood floors and do some painting.
Can anyone recommend a shaper in the area? I am looking for a big-guy shortboard/fish shape. I am 6'3" and 215 lbs. Looking for a board to ride when it is waist high up to a little overhead. Waist high and under, I am riding my longboard. I rode my sister-in-law's 6'10" Walden Magic Fish in chest to head high waves at Ft. Pierce Inlet a while back and had fun, but felt like that was too much foam. Rode my buddy's 6'8" 7S fish in Hatteras on a clean chest to head high day and it felt like the perfect board. Thanks for the help. Go Giants and Ravens.....****.