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    Quote Originally Posted by malee surfboards View Post
    the fact that we've been extra slow since officially releasing boards to the public. the first year a total of 10 demo tested boards were built only 5 made it through as performance worthy and the rest wore recycled into art projects. after the first year more demo and team rider boards were made, so a total of 20 something in less than 2 years. we sponsor team riders, they wete not some friends we grew up with, just total complete strangers who are well known local surfers and esa competitors whom have given honest opinions yo help better develop our brand! but now happy to say that they are now our friends. one of our team riders is a junior legend in esa and has competed in the governors cup, sadly not on our boards...not as of yet! this year we are launching our boards through competition, but are current line is out on free surf. we're not blowing smoke without evidence that's why on the post to look at our profile or facebook. there you will find our boards and some pics of them riding on 1-2 foot junk surf! thanks for your feedback!=)

    Refreshingly honest after the Physix incident. Very cool to see you trying some alt shapes. Good luck with your business.

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    thanx, bro! appreciate it!

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    I think i might get a board from you guys...

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    Quote Originally Posted by @surfer View Post
    I think i might get a board from you guys...
    looking forward to it! we'll be ready to buuld you you're "go to" board whenever you're ready!