As per my post re: booties i am going to panama and costa rica next month. I am considering traveling with my own board but am having second thoughts.

The surf camp i am staying at in panama (morro negrito) has a basic board selection which from what they tell me should suffice, esp. since the surf is down this time of year (also going there for fishing)

Next ill likely be either somewhere in nicoya/guanacaste costa rica (mal pais, nosara, tamarindo etc) or bocas del toro for a week. (havent decided yet).

I was in costa in 2006 and rented boards all over no problem, and they are cheap. Also dont have to deal with airline fees or worry about it getting stolen off the bus, and if the surf is small grab a long board, if its up get something which will perform better.

Downside is you may find yourself in a situation where surf is pumping and you dont have a board in hand, (for example you want to make a dawn patrol but the shops might not open till 10 or 11 am)

Any feedback appreciated. thx.