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    Talking Newbian

    just joined and noticed alot of east coast posts, but not alot of west coast?

    anyhow, i'm diggin the site, alot of good info. gonna keep an eye on the forecasting and see how spot on it is. hopefully there isn't alot of hype to drive traffic.

    anyone with feedback on swell predictions on swellinfo? is it fairly accurate?



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    Hey DB,

    Thanks for checking out Swellinfo. The east coast has really taken off, and its taken a while for the west coast traffic to get going. We are still working on enhancing our west coast forecasts, so any feedback you can give is appreciated.

    p.s. enjoy the big WNW swell ahead. Looking large.

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    Nice Blog and VERY nice shots Bread. . .

    Nice crisp images, and some really unique perspectives. If you use the point and shoot Olympus while in the water, what are you using from the shore? Have you seen this one yet from the East Coast? Hurricane Noel Swell this past Nov. 3rd.

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    swellinfo is my goto, easily the most accurate site on the net for the mid atlantic, but i cant tell you about the west coast

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    thanks for the feedback. the point and shoot is all i use (for now). i've used them for the past 3 years and have a ton of footage. i bring it out almost every surf, and i surf just about every day. i'd like to get up with the big boys in 2008 and get a pro SLR.

    i'll give you my honest feedback on your forecasting as i hawk forecasting prettty hard online, then compare with true conditions for the day.

    well, its 3:50a.m. and I've got a date with a swell in Ventura (2hr drive north). check DB for photos this afternoon.

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    Pix are up from today at Rincon on Daily Bread