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    Taking oceans for granted: MUST WATCH video if you are a surfer and love the ocean

    I'm not a diehard environmentalist or anything of that nature, but I hate seeing the destruction of marine environments and their wildlife. After all, if we continue to pollute and destroy our oceans, we won't have the great surfing experiences we all love. This is an amazing video, really eye opening. Makes me appreciate things just a little more.

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    Great video!

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    Saw it was 16 mins and said no way I'm watching it all. Glad I watched it all it's awful what humans do to these things and how much of an impact it has.

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    Solid video. Thanks for posting!

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    Very interesting. i really liked that line about the tuna. the ocean is not a grocery store. we can't keep taking without giving back

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    Yeah, I had the same reaction when I saw it was a pretty lengthy video, but def worth taking the time to watch. Glad you guys liked it

  7. Thank you for sharing. I will never understand how human beings can be so reckless and uncaring. And, when we've devastated the oceans, we'll ask why no one did anything to stop the damage from being done...

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    wow that sure was eye opening. I'll be sure to think twice next time before i get the tuna sashimi. But I would like to add my 2 cents, for sea-life around here, such as the fluke population which is being regulated heavily, why do the environmentalists claim that these stocks are depleting when thats just not true. Also, they want to protect all the sandsharks, which are far too numerous, but these sandsharks (dogfish) eat baby fluke. That being said, I totally agree that some species around the world are being taken advantage of, but sometimes I think the local environmentalists get a bit out of hand.

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    Ohh the worst part is when they showed the one that got hit by a boat.

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    (If you dont't want to see the entire interview, just fast forward to about 11:20)

    Speaking of surfers and ocean conservation, i really think highly of guys like Mark Healey and his viewpoints towards surfer's relationship with the marine environment.