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    oh and surferCA dude i like the story. It funny man yeah its a little weird and some dudes wouldnt like it but great creative writing brotha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfin_niggg View Post
    hahah fo sho man!! i got yo back brotha! I cant be stopped. they get banning me but somehow i keep comin back!! but im really guna try to not get banned this time, yaaaa whaaa ey mean?!?! Now enough of thos Ebonics haha SouthjettyBill you got to be the best dude on this forum everyone keeps sayin **** about me but im just tryin to have fun on these forum like everyone eles. Ill tone down the ebonics and the crude and weird post and what not if everyone would just chill haha now do you know what I mean.......hows that? see no ebonics just easy to under stand. SJB you one funny dude!
    Dear Surfin_nigg,

    Yes a lot of people take this thing way too seriously. It's surfing man, it's supposed to be fun. And the non-surfing public doesn't take surfers what the hey man. Tell you the truth surfin_nigg, I don't think many people on here are hardcore surfers. They seem way too interested and formal about stuff that old ladies who just hang on the beach should know.

    Keep the faith surfin_nigg don't let anybody spoil your good humor. Don't get upset by old stodgy dudes who don't know when to wear a wetsuit or not. Just keep surfing and having a good time.

    Keep it real up in the field a'ight

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    been surfing too much in that polluted jersey slop ocean

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfin_nig View Post
    ^hahahahah wtf!?! thats got to be the funniest thing i have read on this forum! How do you think of this man?!?!
    and i hope this isnt real hahahahah
    you're "banned"? man, you must have ****ed-up a bunch of ****ing times.

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    Hey SJB i havent been logged in for a while so i just read yo post. thanks man you smart brotha! and dats a bunch of horse **** that yall got banned!!