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    I just watched this vid... and it did look pretty big but maybe not 60'. Also, it looked like a pretty nice wave around 1 min 55 secs into the vid and I didnt see anyone out... I dont know the area I am mostly a RI surfer.

  2. One of the dudes that was sharpening the "knives" to slice him up today told me it was 60ft... I think i'll take his word for it, since he was working with it all day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biff22 View Post
    Laughing at the Mack and Manco's decoy comment. Prep's guy myself. Seriously about the sharks though. I paddled out once with a dead whale floating about 200 yards out a few blocks down from where I was... that ocean was ALIVE... couldn't put a paddle down without startling something (including myself). I fell off of a wave and landed on a big fish that totally freaked out and thrashed away... just like I did... and that was it. Waist hi and semi-clean wasn't worth it. No clue what that fish was and I am glad that I did not have to find out.
    ha how stupid does manco's and manco's sound? lame. when did that happen by the way, fall? I don't usually go to ocean city and i'm current away at college

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    About a month ago, gnar. Apparently mack wanted out (crazy, cause that place is a cash cow).

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    1st, manco's pizza is overrated, sauce from a tube? c'mon peoples...

    2nd, I saw that whale and it was easily 60 ft. The whale was a Finback whale. The 2nd longest whale on the planet next to the blue whale, and the sixth largest living animal on Earth.

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    holy blue-water-white-death, batman!

    just a head's up. they buried a whale in south OC (in CA) and shark presence increased dramatically. the oils from the whale seep into the surf and the sharks come around for YEARS....apparently not uncommon. here's a timely article. enjoy, but keep that anti-shark spray handy in your utility belt

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    the finback whales have been all over assateague lately and they brought plenty of big rockfish along with them

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  9. Hair extensions hahahaha

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    It's def sad, I heard it died from AIDS. It's the first case of a marine mammal to die from the disease. Apparently the Cape May ferry got it up the ass.
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