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Thread: Seals

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    Feb 2007
    One time surfing in California i was surfing around sunset and a seal popped up in between me and the sun so all I saw was a silhouette. It let out this huge snort of air and water and scared me so bad I fell off my board.

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    I saw my first seal in New Jersey back in 2006, and I've been mucking around Jersey's brown water for years before that. It was in Ocean City and the dude popped up in front of me and this other dude on a grey winter day.

    On a rare Kirby's day, a solid swell was pushing in and this spot had a decent outside sandbar, with some A-OK, 4-6footers. So I went at it. About an hour in, a seal appeared aboot 30-40 yards to the south of me. It seemed to be just staring at me. Everytime I kicked out of a wave, it was there 30-40 yards to my south. And then again there it was when I got back outside. Stayed around for a good 10-15 minutes. That was circa December 2010. Actually I think that was the only good swell we got that December. That seal was on it.

    Saw another Feb 2011. I saw some thing headed shorebound on a BS two foot day. As it neared it started trying to catch those darn waves. I rode a booming two footer near shore as the dude was approaching. Then I looked out and the dude was sitting right where I had been waiting for clean, booming two-footers. Just hung there with his head sticking out, then left. Never saw him again.

    The Sandpaper, Southern Ocean County's premier small town newspaper, had a photo the Marine Police or Coast Gaurd took of a seal hanging out in a runaway raft some two miles off the coast. That dude was cool as heck. He was just hanging out. He may have been Somalian. Circa 2006-2007.

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    I see them every once in a while in the river behind my house, one time a juvenile one was waddling down the street, the cops scooped it up in a laundry basket and tossed it back in the river

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    About a month ago...

    Had one that was about 40-50 yards outside the lineup... it popped up, would stare at me, dive under, swim to the south about 20 yards, pop up and do it all over again until it was out of sight. Reassuring as I figured he was watching me because I was the worst threat in the water... on LBI...

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    haha dang this forum went off surferCA!!! seals are chill except if yall aint spectin one to pop up unda ya! Yaaa mean?!?! No but for real seals are very intelligent creatures and will most likey never attack you. Its a good sign if there are a lot of seals out