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Thread: hurricane

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    just picked up a 5'4'3 xcel infinity...keep the temps and the crowds down.

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    i'm late on this one but you guys better watch out with all of this sandbridge talk! I'll break it down for you right now...

    North end... sucks.
    Oceanfront... sick during the winter, illegal peak season.
    The pier... I don't think I'm allowed to talk about the pier.
    1st street... zoo / AARP meeting.
    Croatan... zoo / senior skip day.
    Pendleton... sick on a good swell. I surfed there on the swell after Irene. katia maybe? Great surf, nobody out. Sandbridge-The key to scoring sandbridge is to get creative with your parking. On a good warm day, anywhere with "legal" parking is a sh*t show and / or lifeguarded. Think outside of the box . There is so much beach down there, I shake my head when I see a crowd. Unless it's MINIMAL, there is more than one bar working. LOL yeah, watch out for the "little island crew", it's a bunch of guys in their 40's who can afford beach houses in SB (the single most expensive corner of VB), have big lifted trucks, and hang out in front of the pier to vibe on you so hard if you actually come and surf. The day after katia I was surfing like 200 yards from the little island pier, by my self, getting shacked... and some guy paddles over to me (seriously over 100 yards) and says that "i'm not on the peak, and people like me are causing problems in the line up, i need to go back to first street, etc". Ha, Well, you guessed it, I told him to eat a 8===> and kept surfing.

    All of that said, 9.9 times out of 10, if there is a wave anywhere in VB, it is FIRING down in Rodanthe or Hatteras.

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    Lee you're pretty much right about all of that. never heard of the little island crew though, sounds like a bunch of kooks that I should laugh at. about north end, it fires in noreasters. I have seen days where nags head (not hatty and rodanthe) is supposed to be big but its been complete slop and my friends would surf sandbridge and it be nice up there, weird sometimes, usually happens in summer