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    No need. I'm just showing my age. I remember the 1st time I went down there and stayed at villa hermosa in playa hermosa for $5 a night. It's been a while, obviously. I agree if u factor in car, photographer and the other extras plus the convenience factor, it's a good option. Plus negra gets sooooo good. Id sell as a good trip to bring the lady on since a lot of the other places in the area dont offer AC etc Didn't mean to rain on ur parade and good luck to you.

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    ^ Kind of what he said...

    Do you offer to rent a room? Seems only you can rent the whole house? Was factoring in bringing the lady..

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    Thats for the whole house?? VERY NICE!

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    jml7140 - appreciate that, thank you

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    rgnsup - We are getting a good amount of bookings so I havent considered renting rooms. Its more casual for everyone concerned if I stick to the whole house rental or surf trips. Otherwise it becomes hostel style and not cool with our neighbors or homeowners association...If you can get a small group together of 4 -6, would definitely cut you a deal on an vacant week

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    Chad - been sending you emails, but havent heard back........if you have sent an email to I have not received it, try

    Thanks and hope to see you in April!!

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