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    Southern Hemi Juice?

    Whats going on with that pulse starting next tuesday? forecasts are showing 4 ft at 11-12 seconds. should be pretty fun right?

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    I dont see any such source in the southern hemi. If it was to come from the southern hemi, then it would be more on the order of 17+ secs. You are prob looking at some long range action in the sub-tropical zone north of Puerto Rico. Too far out to have any confidence on that.

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    well it may not qualify as southern hemi juice, but i'll take it. Myrtle is waist to stomach on the sets today and clean. should be fun tomorrow. i'm lucky i have a surplus of vacation days! anybody want to get up tomorrow shoot me an email.

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    weekend surf

    saturday was awsome i'm going out today so it should be better