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Did you really just consider Shelter to be a surf movie! I just spent the last hour and 20 minutes watching this awful film, and I want my minutes back! There is hardly if any surfing in this movie. They show maybe 6 rides and 2 of them are the same clip of a pull in barrel closeout. This movie is about a kid who leaves his hot girlfriend, and ends up banging his best friends brother! Are you fukcing kidding me! In no way am I a ho mophobe, or against gays, but this film is not a surf film at all! I would not reccomend this movie to anyone if you are trying to get hyped for a swell, or looking for a good surf flick. PASS on this joke of a "surf movie"!
ummm....yeah, wrong shelter buddy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jYNB1FBTYw heres the intro