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Thread: Surf Videos

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    Did you really just consider Shelter to be a surf movie! I just spent the last hour and 20 minutes watching this awful film, and I want my minutes back! There is hardly if any surfing in this movie. They show maybe 6 rides and 2 of them are the same clip of a pull in barrel closeout. This movie is about a kid who leaves his hot girlfriend, and ends up banging his best friends brother! Are you fukcing kidding me! In no way am I a ho mophobe, or against gays, but this film is not a surf film at all! I would not reccomend this movie to anyone if you are trying to get hyped for a swell, or looking for a good surf flick. PASS on this joke of a "surf movie"!
    ummm....yeah, wrong shelter buddy. heres the intro

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    Everyone should see these movies once, no bs or filler, just quality vids: Pump! (young Occy killing it), Green Iguana (more Occy), Searching for Tom Curren, and Bustin Down the Door (although more commentary than some may want), and Seedling. I think they all put newer vids to shame, maybe minus Thicker than Water.

    Like others have said, I was not that impressed with Dark Fall either.

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    Due East!! is a classic and so is M.I.A. for all the spongers out there

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    dark fall for sure. the winter part is one of the best video parts i have ever seen. Deans part with Bruce Springsteen's Atlantic City in the background gives me goosebumps. I pop Dark Fall in whenever i get homesick at school.

    I also kinda liked Modern Collective. the intro is kinda drawn out and lame but once you get past that i like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GnarActually View Post
    ummm....yeah, wrong shelter buddy. heres the intro
    HAhaha right on! Wow cant believe I wasted my time like that. At least I was at work when I watched it. Sorry to bash the wrong movie brotha.

    LEts Get Some Waves Today!

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    + 1 on the Decline. Good surfing. Good soundtrack. Different locations. Some classic funny lines from pros ie. "I'm a pretty good surfer but a very good drinker." or "I only get to go on the cheap trips... like down to the liquor store". Makes surfing look fun.

    5'5 the original awesome. Made me wanna get a fish and chop hop when I was in high school. Redux. Defines what surfing is tomorrow. fishy, fin-less, quad, retro

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    dark fall is nice every once in a while, i really liked esm always right. its got tons of footage in it too (including nj)

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    cant believe noone's mention soul surfer yet...sooo gnarly

    seriously though Rip Curl's 'Medication' with Taylor Knox and Mick Fanning is one of my all time favorites, a little old school but it's quality. Dark Fall is by far the best East Coast movie I've seen to date. Red Bull's 'Who Is J.O.B.' has some sick Hawaiian barrels in it and awesome camera angles, it kind of missed the boat on the down to earth essence of surfing though
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    I like the woodshed films stuff, except when they get kooky. Like the ladder stuff. Single fin yellow was a cool concept.