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    Feels good to be a surfer!

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    Feels good to be a surfer!
    Always feels good to be a surfer, but would have felt better if I got to surf today.

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    Yewh! stoked over my session today in WB. water was 55!!!! wore 4/3 and boots and was fine. stomach high offshore, i was surfing good, sun was out, was 70 degrees, babes on the beach. successful! amping boys

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    Yea, in MD it was pretty good after that last rainshower. I was in the 3 year old 4/3 and was fine, but my Hyperflex gloves are garbage. Not to bust on the company but that's what they are.

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    Was down in Ocean Co. today and got some super fun barrels. Came out of one good one. It's been a few months since I surfed down there. Nice for a change. Wind definitely made it more work. Got real fun right before dark as the tide started to come back up. Angle was really good today. Can't beat this for January.

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    Didn't get out, but I get stoked just from reading your posts. Living vicariously through the swell info members haha.