This morning I had the pleasure of watching a surf cam featuring a panoramic view of Ocean City, New Jersey. I don't know what it's like where you are, but OC was knee high with the occasional waist+ wave popping and there.

Down around 4th St. a pack lingered, off the north side of the jetty, about eight or ten deep(HA "deep" was for all you G's out there). Now first of all, VIOLATION right there. On small inconsistent days, during the winter, do not pack together. NON !!!!! Seriously, first come.....first served.....go find another wedge somewhere else.

Then with every peak that popped up, everybody was scrambling and the knee high wave fought the high tide to crumble down the beach. In the brief period I watched, I saw five drop-ins. This is unacceptable behavior for January. These antics belong in July, not winter. Just because you saw the movie Blue Crush doesn't mean you have to surf. Darn you Bodyglove for making such great wetsuits these days that all the summer types now surf in Ocean City during the winter.....That was Bodyglove.......Pick one up at your local surf shop.

Kudos to the dude that rode a knee high banger for about a hundred yards....he just kept going.