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    Real Surf Trips Grand Opening Video Teaser!<br /><br />Please visit us at<br /><br />Shot on location in Playa Negra, Costa Rica by Tony Roberts

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    Nice! I wish I was there.

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    Any option of staying without a "package" deal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgnsup View Post
    Any option of staying without a "package" deal?
    i was just thinking that to.

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    Here is the website for the house only. I rent the house when I dont have surf clients. Honestly the package is a good deal unless you know your way around, have a car and do not need a guide. Otherwise, good decision.

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    That's stupid expensive. $150 a night + per person. U would b better off staying at the villas right at the break for $70 a night. U could by a new board with the money u save

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    How do you figure $150 a night per person? The house rents for about $250 per night and sleeps eight, do your math chief. Plus Negra is a world class wave but gets crowded, you need the option to go other places so you can surf on that new board!!
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    I thought it said $1000 for 6 nights per person for the package

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    I was looking at the 6 night package - thought it said $999 per person

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    Your reply came after the request for the house only so I thought thats what you were referring too. If you are referring to the all-inclusive pricing depends on the size of the group and length of stay. If you are renting a car and know your way around you are better off just renting the house. If you dont, then if you break down the cost of the all-inclusive its a pretty good deal. Bottom line is we dont do cheap, everything we provide, accommodations, food, transportation and our guide knowledge is top notch. If you want to take this off line I will show you the cost model....

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