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    Oct 2011
    6' 175lbs

    6' 4" glassed-in thruster
    8' 2" spoon nose squash tail mini longboard thruster
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    I'm 5'7" 145lbs 37yo surfing 3yrs live on eastcoast.

    5'5" lost rnf5 daily driver
    5'10 lost driver (shortboard, almost never used)
    5'8 lost rock up (step up, awesome)
    7'0 funboard i made myself (groveler and super fun)

    If i still lived in socal i could probably just use the rock up as an all arounder.

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    Jan 2010
    Ryukyu Islands
    31 Years. 18 on and off surfing. 5'10. 180-185lbs... lots of boards most beaters but lately I've riding these 4.

    5'8 20 x 2 1/2 5 fin rocket fish
    6'0 20 x 2 1/2 retro twinzer fish
    6'3 18 3/4 x 2 1/2 pulled in round pin thruster
    6'6 19 x 2 1/4 Baby swallow step up with glass ons

    are wrv boards any good? seems like they produce so many aimed towards the tourists that flock down here. I see so many people with wrv stickers, foam racks, boards, accessories out the wazoo. I haven't seen any that I was like "wow that looks like a lot of fun to ride." anyone have some good experience with them
    not sure about who does their boards now but many a quality shapper mowed foam for them in the past Bill Frierson, Tommy Moore, Mike Daniels, Redman, Jim Fuller, Lynn Shell & Jesse Fernandez all come to mind among others. Had a board from most of them at some point in my life with no issues (in fact the Fuller SB was one of the best I ever owned and there's been too many good Frierson's to count).

  4. I'm 6'1 175lbs,
    love riding my Pod, 5'6 on all the small stuff
    6'0 for anything over head high ...

    ipod - Miami Horror - Illumination
    I also like long walks on the beach
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    I'm about 5'7" and 135 lbs give or take a few of each...

    I started out on a 6'2" very thin shortboard...a "friend" gave me to have. He decided to take it back so I bought a used 6'5" 2" 1/2 18' 3/4" Rusty shortboard with a round pin tail instead of a squash which is what I started with. I must say it has helped me get a bunch of waves. I truly enjoy this sport of surfing and hence consider myself to be "ripping" already. I suggest everyone chooses their board wisely to get the most out of their surfing experience. It's my "go to board" since that is all I have at the time being and do not consider buying a new one until I figure out all these little details that allow one to maximize their performance. I might consider something fishy in about 3-5months to enjoy the small east coast "chop" we get during the summer over here. I'll probably have to get a solid ocean canoe for the summer so I can get the waves way out in the open. Figure I'll just anchor down out there and hopefully not get bitten by anything "fishy" hehe . You can surf anywhere if you really want to! I'm getting educated through this and can't wait to get a new one and hopefully one day shape my own. Well, that's my two cents. If you are a real surfing enthusiaist, you gotta get this right, and not always just back off a wave to have to paddel less to get back out. Do a front flip or a back flip and feel the water dude !

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    Jun 2010
    Carolina Beach
    5'9" 140 lbs

    5'5" Lost RNF
    5'10" Lost Stealth

    Others come and go but those are currently my go to boards for any condition.

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    Jun 2009
    Ortley beach NJ
    5foot six inches. 115lbs and i ride a 5' 10 pintail thruster

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    Oct 2008
    5-7 and 190(ish) and 44years old

    7-6 single fin pintail--home shaped for chest high and up
    9-0 Bing Trimulux for anyting under the eyebrows
    9-4 Soul Performance custom high performance longboard--set up as a thruster--my 'hurricane chaser'

    I also have a 6-8 Rusty Piranha, a 7-4 Ashton squashtail thruster and a few other boards that get thrown into the mix. Also have a couple of ideas I plan to shape over the next few months.

    I usually bring a couple of boards to the beach and make gametime decisions based on conditions and mood.

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    6'1 - 175lb - 53 years old
    6'0 Degree 33 quad fish
    6'2 Degree 33 quad Retro
    6'6 Degree 33 WhipIt Shortboard
    7'6 Degree 33 Funboard
    8'6 Degree 33 Ultimate
    9'2 Degree 33 Noserider
    all epoxy NexGen

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    5'11" - 175 pounds - 30 years old

    7'2" single fin (shaped by M.Garbutt in Lewes, DE and yours truly)
    9'8" Anderson Farberow I

    Hopefully getting rid of the Anderson and shaping my own log (perhaps a PIG) this spring with M.Garbutt.