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    New Surfboard Technology = AWESOME!

    The surf industry is about to make leaps and bounds in the latest technology for surfboard design.

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    This is new to me... I don't know anything about this new tech, but I do know Mike Olson has been around a long time. I remember hearing his name back around '88/'89/'90 when I first starting getting into sailboards and snowboards. From what he says in that clip, I'm pretty excited to see his stuff hit the major markets. My guess is his boards will ride very differently than people are used to. Like jumping on a perimeter stringer board for the first time, or EPS/epoxy for the first time, or a stringerless veneer board...

    What I find really attractive are... durability... green... made in USA... and they pull all that off for under $700. I guarantee you they're machine shaped and vac bagged, and I've got no problem with that personally, if that's what it takes to recycle 100% of your waste, and virtually eliminate the associated pollution and toxicity.

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    Really cool video, def peaked my interest...

    If those boards are as durable as he says, that would be incredible!