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    Hoping for a little info on trip to Costa Rica

    I am going to be in the region between Samara and Caletas....anybody willing to dish some details on some good breaks. I have heard about the normal breaks that are more frequented in the North but not too much in that area. Is it a "dead" area or is there some decent breaks. Any help or advice is always appreciated.

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    My sister just left samara, she was there for 8 months. its a really cool town. Waves suck though, she said. If you have a car, go north.

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    Samara and Caletas are in protected coves. Not exactly swell magnets. I would say going to costa now (off season) and going somewhere like samara, don't expect surf. Maybe May-Aug on a solid south.

    Tamarindo / playa grande / avellanas / playa negra to the north and mal pies / Santa Teresa / montezuma (yes, SICK waves in montezuma) to the south. That said, Samara wouldn't make a bad home base. You should go to monteFUMA regardless, awesome town. Get you some creepy...

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    Thanks for the info...I am getting the feeling that these beaches are deserted for a reason and have nothing to do with the bad roads.

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    Nosara / Playa Guiones is just north of Samara -it's a laid back tourist/expat area (check There are other breaks in the area - get to know the locals and they will point you in the right direction.