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    I still haven't surfed Trestles yet. My cousin is right in between Blacks, Scripps and PB so they're most convenient. But Trestles is definitely on my list as is Swamis. I did make it up to San O once. It's real mellow, kinda mushy, but a classic. When everywhere else gets big and unmanageable, San O can be smaller and fun. There was one day two years ago that all of SD was just huge. Double over head 20 second bombs. I had my a$$ handed to me the day before and had enough so we drove up to San O. Lots of longboarders and a real easy wave. Not much of wall to work, but the lines were long. The kelp sucks though. Trestles and Blacks are great if you can go midday during the week. You'll get morning and evening crowds, but access is too hard for a lunch time session. For breaks that are always packed, you can get lucky and score a more manageable crowd midday.

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    trestles is an amazing wave...picks up swell every day and there is usually a long rippable right and a shorter (but still long compared to around here) left on every set wave that comes in. There will always be a crowd on it - guaranteed - but you'll get waves if your patient and one wave there goes a LONG way with all the sweet turns you'll be doing.

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    The SD account is exactly what I had too.