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    You always need to check it, yeah swell info can give you a "good" idea of how the waves will be but its never perfect. Today the forecast for Monmouth County said knee high, at the right sandbars there were really good chest high waves just rolling through and it was also super clean. Most guys don't check the waves if the forecast is down but you shouldn't do that, always check it. There was only 4 guys out and the wave was super fun. Sometimes it says chest and clean and its knee but guys will just paddle out just because the forecast says chest. You can't always trust it, always check!

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    Growing up in Cape May for about the first 25 years of my life, then moving to Monmouth County for the last 20 or so, I can compare the South Jersey tourists from the North Jersey tourists pretty accurately...

    South Jersey tourists are mostly from PA and Canada, are relatively friendly, admire the locals for their laid back lifestyle, and like to hook up with them whenever possible. I looked forward to them coming to town, and looked forward to them leaving.

    North Jersey tourists are mostly from the wealthy and/or urban areas of NORTH North Jersey and New York, are extremely UNfriendly, either look down on the locals or think they are locals, and look for others of their ilk to hook up with. I only look forward to them leaving.

    Maybe things have changed in South Jersey since I lived there, but that was my take...
    That does sum it up except we get some of the PA people in Monmouth Country that show no respect. Also, a beach house does not qualify you as local. You have to live year round. Also, if there is someone at a a jetty who is a local and your not from there (you're from PA or NY), just find another jetty or just show respect. These outsiders never show respect and that's the problem. If they showed respect, I probably wouldn't mind surfing with them.