Frustration....... In 2010 I graduated with a bachelors degree in management with a specialization in marketing. I also studied abroad at Bond Uni in Queensland Australia. To this day it is still hard to get a decent job. Right now I am currently working at a hotel only 4 days a week with minimum pay, and I've just about had it. Everyday Im applying to different places, but have not been successfull. I'm starting to think maybe I should pack up my things and move on, explore and meet new people. Me and my buddy are looking to maybe head out to the left coast and see whats out there. We both have about $5,000 each and are looking for an apartment, 1 bedroom, doesnt matter. Obviously I would prefer closest to the ocean. I was just wondering if anyone has any insight on the job market out there, maybe websites for places to stay for cheap, or even someone I can talk to, or someone looking for roomates. I have no problem picking up a waiting job in the time being, till I find a good job. Any insight I would greatly appreciate it!<br /><br />Cheers!