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    Clean, waist-plus medium period NE Swell?

  2. im thinking the same thing. swellinfo isnt picking up on a 4 ft 13 sec swell. duck NC research pier reporting Waves 2mi offshore 1.5 m (4.9 ft) 13 s but if you go to nearest forecast site (Corolla) it only has a 1.3 ft 11 sec swell. With the light winds forecasted tomm it could be fun??

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    Why even mention this on the site? These are the days when it will be empty. If this site forecasts it as flat and it ends up being clean waist high, it will be empty for the others who use other tools to check the surf. Now it's also funny when the site predicts waist high but it ends up being. Then, you see a ton of people out in a lake, lol.

  4. dude its a monday morning in february, not too worried about crowds?? Just tryingto get other input..

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    Here's an idea. Wakeup and use all the tools to make an informed decision or do you need us to hold your hand and guide you? I don't want to come across as rude. I'm just getting tired of these same posts. If you live far from the beach, that's a gamble you take. Just use the different tools out there to make an educated decision. Sometimes it works and sometimes you miss out. That's why living near the beach is key. Your eyes are the best tool.

  6. Thought thats what this site is for. To talk about potential upcoming swells. Dont know about u but its been a crap winter so far. Again a monday morning in Feb with moderate potential dont reply unless u have something to actually contribute.

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    Yes, i was just giving a heads up. hope it works for someone, somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xgen70 View Post
    Clean, waist-plus medium period NE Swell?
    thats a decent bet...the buoy up near Cape Cod has been reading 4-5 feet of 12 sec. ENE swell all day so i'm guessing some of that will end up making its way down this way tomorrow.

    To be honest, I'd be more worried about afternoon sea breeze with the 50+ high temps and light west wind predicted, expecially since ive got no chance to get on it until mid afternoon.

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    even the if the size is less then steller, it could be real pretty for those SUP's that have been hanging out lately. Hope you are wrong about the winds/sea breeze, although it is most likely spot on.

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