I have a "super groveler" inspired by the full nose, straight rail, super wide tail of a Mini Sims.
I am 5'-8" 160 lbs and found my typcial board (round nose fish, stubby shortboard , etc) works best for me at around 26.5 L in volume.
I ride a winter shortboard at about 28 l in volume based on the 20lbs of additional weight once wet.

But I have a super groveler I ride in anything thigh high and under that catches small waves really early, carries tons of speed, but still manuevers well. I find that the MIni Simms gets into waves early due to volume and since its so short can turn ok, but it doesnt respond as quickly to rider input as some other designs.

This is my super grovel board.
Its 5'6 x 22 x 2-3/8 EPS/Epoxy . Love it, gets on waves super early, tons of speed and turns so quick. rail to rail is great.

slop rod by jblacks, on Flickr

Lots of great new alt shapes for small surf. Stretch has some sick new boards!!!!