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Thread: New to S. Fl.

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    Keelhaulin' Guest

    New to S. Fl.

    I recently relocated to sofla and have been wanting to get back into surfing. Pushing 40 now, but spent my early youth surfing along the Texas gulf I have been out of it for a while. So long in fact that I do not even recognize board names. Can anyone suggest a good shop/board for a 6'2" 180 lb. 39 year old. Appreciate any assistance.

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    in coconut grove , miami fl thers 2 surfshops 1st. catch a wave , 2nd maui nix srf shop

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    surfboard for sale

    i hv an al merrick for sale. big boy surfboard MMB.
    6'10' 19.75"wide and 2 5/8" thick. barely used. FOR SALE.

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    Just wondering if there are any good breaks near Daytona beach..I normally ride in Delaware so i don't know the area all that well...Im a bodyboarder so any help would be great thanks guys..