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    board rentals

    Heading to PR next week. Anyone know of a shop in the Rincon/Aguadilla area that rents decent boards? Thanks.

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    I don't know about PR, but I went to socal last year and thought I would be fine renting a board but it ended up that only one shop was willing to rent anything half decent and the price was nuts. So I was stuck riding this old sorry spongy thing called a "wave storm". So in my limited surf travel experience I would say make sure you've got something you'll be happy with lined up at a decent price before you go. Next time I travel I'll defiantly throw down for the extra flight cost to take a board or plan my next board purchase while there and only pay one way of extra charge.

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    I know there's a place right near the mariot hotel 5 min from BQN airport I forget the name tho. was just in costa paid $100 for 1 week rental, excellent board. saved $300 in baggage fees, and a huge pain in the rear carrying it around the airport...

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    Mar Azul in Rincon

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    Roger at Surf787 has some great boards and he charges $25/day, so it's not that bad. Cool guy too. Just don't break that 5'10 Monchito RNF... love that thing!

    Whatever you do, avoid anything that's not a dedicated surf shop / rental outfit. I once rented a thruster from one of the shops at the beach near the public housing (red flag #1) and was told to go to another shop to get wax (red flag #2). When the nose literally fell off, the guy tried to charge me for the board... stick with someone like Roger or Mar Azul (when I went there, the board selection wasn't that great, but the guy from VB who runs it is pretty chill... don't remember his name... he was just starting his guest house, so that probably had something to do with it).

    Enjoy! Could really use a few days in Rincon right now!

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    Mar Azul is pretty decent. He has a nice setup with rooms (i didn't stay there), and board selection.
    He is not on the beach though, so if you don't have a car, it'd be best to look elsewhere.
    It looked like shops around maria's rented boards.

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    +1 Bobby at Mar Azul. He has everything from those little J lewis fish to straight up guns. Had an absolute blast on a 5'10 retro in a week of head high PR glass in November.

    They do rent boards in front of Maria's but they are busted. You might find a gem, but it's really worth the mile hike up the hill to Mar Azul, trust me.

    Enjoy your trip man, Rincon is one of my favorite surf destinations ever.

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    Thanks everyone for the info. Looks like Mar Azul is the place. It's been quite awhile since I've been down there. Really looking forward to it.

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    Also, Greenroom Board Sports, wich is down the road from Mar Azul toward maria's, right before the bakery/deli. I think his name is Clemente. Same deal as Mar Azul, $25/day, includes any fins, leash and soft racks. I can't find the number now but it's all Green Room boards. Just google green room in N Carolina.wait, I found it 787 6855225.