I've been fantasizing about this trip in my head for years, but it's looking like I could make it a reality in this coming year. Either now or probably never. I want to take roughly 6 months to a year off of work and drive down the coast of North America, through Central America all the way to South America. And then back. Or maybe not back.

My first step is to buy a conversion van. Anyone have any experience roadtripping in one? I have mostly been looking at the older VW Westfalia's. I have seen lots of Dodge, Chevy and Fords for sale, but the reason I am leaning towards the VW's is because they were sold internationally. Along the way I will undoubtedly need to pick up some parts for repair and it seems it will be easier to find parts for the VW than it would for a US manufactured van. Anyone have thoughts on this?

I want to buy the van soon and drive it around for a while, so I can put work into it and find out all the quirks about it. Craigslist has seemed to have the most for sale in my price range, but a lot of them are on the West Coast, I live on the East. If anyone knows any other sites I could search or any other helpful info about conversion vans, I would really appreciate it!