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Thread: Hey old guys!

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    Hey old guys!

    I need some advise from those of you who actually can remember riding a single fin shortboard. So here's the the deal, I just got my old MT back and all that remains is to find a fin for it, what size should I start with it's 6'6" rounded pin.

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    7-8 " with flex

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    well i was gonna post pics but wtf can't seem to do it now

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    mt board.jpgIMAG0104.jpgIMAG0103.jpg
    There we go! As you can see had to totally redo the board, too much damage to save original airbrushing, but am happy with the end results! Oh, shout out to MDsurfer who hooked me up with Mike Tabeling, tho he couldn't tell me what the original fin size was.
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    Definitely something 7" - 8" with flex, the greenough 4a would be a good fin to try! Most likely the board came with a stock 7" rainbow or fins unlimited fin, with the advances and understanding we have today I think that the greenough 4a 7" would be fun! I forgot to ask does it have a Fins Unlimited or Bahne fin box?

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    I was thinking that Dr., when I lost the original 10+ yrs ago a guy at a surf shop in Brig. sold me a 6" fin, wasn't the same board after that.

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    I know it originally had a rainbow, blue marbled. And its a fins unlimited box Mgar
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    I like one of these two...

    The Lopez fin comes in those "in-between" sizes, too... 7.25 and 7.75. That's what I'd go with...

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    Lay the fin base along the box line, and lay the fin on its side toward the rail, adjusting for the amount of inset of the fin base into the box slot. If the fin tip goes just beyond the rail, you're all set.

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    Wilderness fin 7.6" or Greenough 4a 7.5"