I am traveling to Puerto Rico for a three day academic conference. So, naturally, I have decided to prolong my stay and find out what the Island has to offer in the way of rock-climbing and surfing. I will be traveling solo for the entire trip, and am in need of advice for the best ways to travel around the island. I plan to fly into San Juan and then immediately head towards Rincon (air-fare straight to Rincon was ridiculously priced). The plan is to hang out in, and around, Rincon from the 4-11 (surfing); then heading to San Juan for my conference untill the 17th; finally going to Bayoman I and II to do some multi-pitch limestone rock-climbing... Or at least that is the tenative plan (the only true obligation I have is to be in San Juan from the 13th-17th. If anyone out there wants a climbing/surfing partner, I can provide all gear needed to climb and potentially a rental car to get us around! Only draw-back, I am a very novice surfer (I live in B.F.E Ky), but have surfed in Virginia Beach on numerous occasions. Regardless, any advice on where to go, and what to stay away from would be greatly appreciated!