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    I agree with the Duke of Cool- I would opt for the surf lesson, no need to ruin your trip- taking a spill on the reef and cutting yourself up... get in touch with an instructor and he will have a good board for you and take you to the best beach for the swell that day. traveling outside of rincon for waves could be a bad idea if your not experienced surfing reefs and bigger waves. either get a hold of an instructor or go to Marias to get your bearings...

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    surfer's beach is by Ramey airport, not to be confused with the San Juan airport that you're flying into. Surfer's is a pretty harmless beach compared to some of the other ones. if you go to marias, watch out for a submerged jetty at the north end of the break, it's usually hovering right at the water line so you can't always see it.

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    Thank y'all for the Insight it's much appreciated!