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Thread: cape may - noel

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    Heh. . .

    I guess you're right, completely right. Cape May was WAY better on November 3rd than Maryland or Delaware could ever be. I concede the day to you. . . all the while smiling quietly. "Epic'ness" Hmmmmmm.
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    didn't know it was a contest, but the honest truth is it was smaller at the cape, for sure, but the length and quality of the barrels had by almost all surfers at stockton that day outweigh the beastmaster size of delmarva on the 3rd. I'd rather have manageable 10-20 sec rides and still get shacked than triple overhead suicide pits, but to each his own. of course, triple overhead and makeable...that's different (btw only one of these pics is from stockton, its where we surfed the entire day. the only reason i have pics from the other spots is because i wasn't surfing those)

    delmarva was epic, for sure, no disputes, and im not saying the cape was better - to each his own - but don't deny the epic'ness of south jersey from noel.