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Thread: Wetsuit Advice

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    Wetsuit Advice

    So i'm looking to pick up a new wetsuit. I have a 4/3 Rip Curl Bat Wing and its wayyyy to small (xs), Im looking for some advice on sizing, brand and thickness.

    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Waste: 31 - 32
    Surf Location: Momouth County, New Jersey
    Time of surfing: All year round (mainly summer and winter)
    Price Range: $150 - $275 (college budget not trying to spend an arm and a leg)

    - Doesnt need to be too technical - just want it to keep me warm in the heart of a Jersey winter, but not over heat me in early spring or late fall.


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    You most likely need a MT.

    XS is just straight crazy for someone 6'0 @ 150 lbs.

    You need a 5/4 for winter here in NJ. Maybe try a Hyperflex. That would be in your price range.
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  3. you probably need a Medium Tall 5/4 for the winter and a 3/2 for whenever else ... definitely need more then one wetsuit. You wouldn't want to wear the 5/4 in the summer or vice versa. Check out for cheaper suits as well as not so cheap suits.

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    just saw another thread, surfingoc912 is selling a bunch of MT suits, i didn't see any 5/4's, but looks like you could pick up a 4/3 and a 3/2 for 100 bucks a piece...unless you have something against slipping into a suit that someone else peed

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    XCEL man. I just got a 5/4 infinity for like 158 bucks. It's not a full suit but damn it fits and feels perfect.

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    if you plan on surfing a lot, you want a suit you can be comfortable in. youll find good deals online but unless you know exactly what youre looking for, ordering a suit online can be chancy. i know wetsuit wearhouse has a tutorial on how to choose a good suit.

    my recommendation though is to just go to a surf shop and try one a couple suits, then buy the one you feel most comfortable in. yeah you'll prob end up paying more but if you feel good in that suit and you take good care of it, itll last you a while. there are some good surf shops in monmouth county. do some research

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    Thanks everybody i was looking at a 5/4/3mm Quiksilver Syncro Mens Wetsuit, 5/4/3mm Billabong Foil Steamer, 5/3 Ripcurl Dawn Patrol, and 5/4 Xcel SLX Anyone heard anything about those?
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    I have an o'neill psycho 2 4/3 and use it all winter. I do pick the days that I go out though. If it's to cold, I'll where a heated vest or just won't go out. The suit was about $380. I also had a O'neill Heat 4/3 which is about half that price and was still a pretty good suit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jandl View Post
    Thanks everybody i was looking at a 5/4/3mm Quiksilver Syncro Mens Wetsuit, 5/4/3mm Billabong Foil Steamer, 5/3 Ripcurl Dawn Patrol, and 5/4 Xcel SLX Anyone heard anything about those?
    The Steamer is a great suit for the price. 100% stretch, very warm and durability is excellent!

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    I have 3 Xcel suits and I'm pretty much committed to that brand. The suits are quality and fit me great. If you follow the wetsuit size charts, most of them are spot on. Here is my approach:

    -Pick out a suit online
    -Check out the size chart and find a size that matches your dims
    -Go to a nearby shop and try it on to verify the fit
    -Go online and get the cheapest deals

    I think the top of your price range will let you get a nice 4/3 (online). I prefer the chest zip suits since they give a lot more flexibility and fit me a lot better. Also, look for suits that have wrist and ankle closures. They have little fitting band inside the wrist and ankle openings of the suit that let it fit and keep water out. My 4/3 does not have this and every once in a while when I go up against a surge of water these openings slide up and down a bit around my wrist/ankle areas.

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