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Everyone can agree on a couple things.

Forecasting (72+ hrs out) is damn near impossible to nail.

SI is much better than magic seaweed.

We are all frustrated with the lack of swell this winter, and not all of us have the financial luxury to travel extensively. I dont think any of us are hating on the site (at least im not) but it does seem that the forecast have become less accurate. Don't get me wrong, "tings change" (so are the words of a surfing buddy of mine) but it seems that "tings change" a little too dramatically in the forecast. Example, I was looking on the SI app, and the buoy 41036 was reading 7.9 ft sse @ 9 sec. This was very recently. I'd say in the past week or so. After seeing that I flipped on the cam at my spot and it was flatter than kansas. Please don't think I'm complaining about SI, I'm just wondering what would cause the discrepency. I'm just making an observation and giving my 2 cents (which probably isn't worth that).

We've had a wave starved (no, famined) winter and I'm ready just like the rest of everyone to paddle out. This knee high bs has got to stop.

I think we should sacrifice a baby goat and a never ridden off the shelf al merrick stick, but that's just my opinion
couldn't agree more whitewater. forecasting, especially far in advance, is tough. and forecasting these little bs storms that we depend on in the winter is even harder. hurricane season is a different breed than the dribble of swell during the winter months.

MSW doesn't hold a candle to Swellinfo when it comes to accuracy. then again, no one source will ever give you all the info. i'm sure anyone who is in tune with their spot can agree with that.

glad to hear from some people on this thread. its good to know i'm not the only one who's having a miserable time as of late