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    Swellinfo provides tools for wind/wave/pressure maps and buoys and with combining them you can make ur own decisions that are extremely accurate if you know what makes a wave around here.

    Dont be a dummy and skim by the forecast like the 300 lb transvestites with webbed gloves that longboard manasquan bra bra surfer dude.

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    The only thing a ride-able "72 hour out" forecast is good for, is letting the wife know I'm going... takes the heat off.

    Irony is, she actually gets pissed if it goes flat and I don't go. Can't figure that one out.

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    She makes plans for the poolboy to come "check" the pool when u surf

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    Would you pass up a good swell just to catch the S.O. in the act... hmmm, tough choice j/k

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    On a more serious note... wontonwonton said it best. Unfortunately, by the time you get it wired, you're my age, have become tide to a "career" job, and can't surf for sh!t. Youth is wasted on the young...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolwut View Post
    She makes plans for the poolboy to come "check" the pool when u surf
    lol... but only because I don't have a pool.

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