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Thread: Fuel TV

  1. Quote Originally Posted by kdiddy8 View Post
    Does anybody else think Fuel TV is getting too into the whole boxing/fighting and no more "slam!" or "New Pollution" or "Props"?
    I feel your pain man, i feel like sometimes its the only thing on. Its all because of the huge influence of FOX.
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    i know what yall mean fuel tv sucks now i dont wanta watch this mma ****! and they show the same surf shows just reruns after reruns, come on fuel bring back the good shows

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    my brother and i always think this. **** mma. get back to the waves not two dumb asses beating each other up for money.

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    *****ing and whining here will change nothing. let 'em know how you feel. so few people actually do anything that a wave of letters from even the barely articulate can have an effect. you never know... they replace h0moerotic punch-wrestling with some more built to shred.....

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    I stopped watching since they dropped On Surfari........

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdiddy8 View Post
    Does anybody else think Fuel TV is getting too into the whole boxing/fighting and no more "slam!" or "New Pollution" or "Props"?
    I hate the new fuel tv. Who can we complain to to bring it back to its former glory?

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    Fuel tv blows!

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    yep fuel tv is a bunch of sell outs... after they built up an 'extreme' rep on surfing skating snowboarding and bmx they brought in more motocross and then mma because the latter 2 appeal to a larger demographic of 12-25ish males. (fox)

    we all miss standard snowboarding, on surfari, and the drive thru series. RIP fuel.

    theres so much better footage on the internet now anyways, like swellinfo user generated content, thesurfersview, dailysurfvideos, and the revolutionary live streaming broadcast of ASP events.

    the way video is consumed is changing anyway. cable providers will be phased out in the future and all tv will be custom to the user, based on internet platforms like hulu, and what miramax's facebook page is like (

    what benefit does cable tv bring to the table besides convenience and sporting events? if online video was organized in a way that was easy to navigate, everyone would have media based computers hooked up to their tvs, which i already do.
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    I miss watching my OBX boy Matt on there, kinda blah now if you ask me....

  10. fuel tv is so bad now. the channel went from being an awesome extreme sports channel that catered to the season (winter was skiing and snowboarding and summer surfing and skating) to ufc BS. it really pisses me off. my favorite show on that channel was on surfari with shayne McIntyre and his wife shannon. the guy just traveled the world, surfed, and indulged in culture. now its roided out UFC guys. fuel actually came into my work the other day pitching us some opportunity and it took so much for me not to call them out. glad everyone else notices/feels the same way

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