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    I always keep a spare in the car, but if i did loose one i would take the other one out and just keep surfing, I surfed for years with out them when i had glasses.

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    Done it for years no problems except once and tried without for rest of session, bad idea, took a pounding. Those who say they go without must not be as blind.

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    when I started surfing, I went without them. This caused problems reading and catching waves, so I've worn them for a while now. Never had one fall out.

    My eye doctor said I shouldn't wear them, but since I said that wasn't an option, he recommended taking them out soon after the end of a session. Little bits of bacteria laden water gets in your eyes and will get stuck under the lens, where it can cause an infection. I also always use the rewetting drops before taking them out, since I ripped my cornea taking out a particularly dry contact.

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    Yeah I wear them too. Acuvue moist. Never had one of them fall out. The lens is actually a larger diameter then my previous lenses, which I had one fall out. I think the larger diameter helps keep them on my eyes.

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    yer not gonna believe this....

    i wear my glasses (an older pair). sunglasses, prescription (look carefully at above photo). they are tethered to wet suit zipper pull or held on by squid lid in winter. i have severe astigmatism and can't see sh!t without 'em. wearing them has changed my life as far as depth perception....would still be sponging only without 'em. they may fall off sometimes when i get creamed but they don't go far and it works. a little wax on them before a sesh on a cold day cuts down on fogging. figure out a way to make it work and cut the glare as well.

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    i had daily single use lenses they fell out almost EVERY time I surfed (i do have astigmatism) switched back to the 2 week/1 month lenses i think they retain their shape a little better/more rigid they fall out very rarely, generally only on bigger days if i really get washed. and ya i second that the doctor said my corneas look like they had been sanded so good to give your eyes a break once in a while. we all need lasik is bottom line

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    Ask your eye doctor about getting wider contacts. Some are just just wider than others. I learned this from awhite water kayaking site. Got some wider contacts and have not lost one since.

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    Been surfing in contacts for 5 years now. As long as I have some eye drops when I get out I'm good to go. The salt water definitely jacks them up though. Lost them once , didn't have my glasses, drove 2 hours back home. Yikes!

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    i always just lose one and makes the rest of the session a depth-perception issue-ridden headache

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