I've been stealing my sister's unlabeled beater longboard for awhile, decided to grab something of my own with a little more agility but still a semi-beginner's board. Picked this gal up from craigslist for $150, seller said it's a longboard at 7'8. Again, I'm a n00b but it seems almost more like a funboard than a longboard. It was originally a tri-fin, modded to a single as you see. I believe Blue Hawaii was started sometime in the late 70's and Mike "Oppy" Oppenheimer shaped over there at some point, assuming this would be his model. Not sure when they stopped production at Blue Hawaii. Just curious as to how old she is. The graphics seem more modern than something from the late 70's or 80's, though the body has definitely seen about 30 years worth of wear. I can't imagine in her condition she's worth more than any beater-board, but I'm just curious as to the history. Thanks!