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    Surf Vacation with Fam

    Anyone ever been to a surf spot that's family friendly? I assume there's got to be some places where my wife and 2 year old can hang around the beach or pool and I can paddle out. I was thinking PR, but I don't know what the accommodations are like at some of these places.

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    What are your amenity requirements.

    I would just go to the Dos

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    Barcelo Playa Langosta (near Tamarindo CR) is worth a look. Good surf on a reef in front of hotel and beach break across the estuary. Pool, 'kiddy club', all-inclusive. Lots of families with kids there--most of them not american, so the kids were pretty well behaved. Lots of activities for kids, and the beach on the estuary is sandy and water is pretty calm. I have been twice, and booked both trips thru a travel agent. I would go again tomorrow if I could. Can the little guy hang in there for a 4 hour flight from atlanta to liberia?

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    I'm 27 and traveled to CR for a week with my girlfriend, sister, and parents. Surf at the southern end of Jaco Beach was great and I believe there are a few resorts in the area...

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    This is our place in Jaco. PM me if you want some additional information on Costa Rica. I have many contacts there. Lots to do with the family like zip lines, national parks, snorkelling, fishing, and its safe and most places take US dollars.

    Pura Vida

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    Plenty of nice family friendly places in Costa (i.e. tamarindo), Jaco not among them IMO...maybe others like that vibe.

    Rincon PR is very budget friendly and family friendly. Accomodations range from budget to pretty much the works. Walking distance from ost anywhere in town nice surf spots so you could paddle out and not monopolize the rental car. Also the surf spots around Rincon tend to have a bunch of families hanging on the beach/under the palm trees.

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    Nosara, CR Harmony Hotel. Real nice place and beach is real good for the fam (and fun surf). Could play a lot with the little one in the ocean even when there is a good swell since it breaks so far out. Expensive hotel, but other less pricey options, even though the area is pricey all around.

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    can't beat Hatteras!

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    Beachbreak beat me to it! Can't beat Hatteras! Lot's of beach and plenty of family places! Bring me a Pit Wrap back from Boardriders Grill please!!