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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    this is the east coast, dudes. What do you expect? Either move or be on watch for when it gets good. Don't blame global warming. True or not, it's not the reason you are not surfing right now.
    Ain't that the truth...

    But really, all this weather watching, prognosticating, theorizing, hoping, praying... it's all just a way to extend your surfing life. It's the same for me shaping, fixing wetsuits, doing ding repairs... all just a way to keep my head in the water even when my body's not. Kinda like spanking your way through a dry spell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    Size was there when I checked it around 6:15... but winds are looking iffy. There's a mini low just east and south of the main center of low pressure that could mess with us. Supposed to be sitting right on top of us or just offshore by late afternoon. This means light winds, or sideshores. Either way, sloppy stuff is likely. But once again, I'd love to be wrong!
    Yeah, Today is definitely iffy. Maybe..... right before dark, but who knows? Gotta keep your eye on it. Personally, I think tomorrow the swell will be pushed out to sea with these winds. Glad I got out yesterday.

    But, like you said I'd love to be wrong.

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    Here we go again ....talking about meatballs

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    Did someone say meatballs?