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    brand new kechele formula 4

    I have a brand new Kechele formula 4 for sale. I have been gimping for the last year, so riding this isn't in the future for me. Back to a longboard I suppose.
    Anyway, this board is 6'9 . It was custom made but injuries have killed me. If you are interested, PM me and I will send some pictures. I am located in Long Beach NY.
    Asking $400 or best offer, paid around $600.

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    Here are some pictures. The board hasn't even been used once, no wax even ever applied.
    I really wish I could use this board but injury ****ing sucks.

    Sorry for the ****ty pix, lost my digi camera charger

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    You wont keep that long.....Kechele makes a solid stick and $400 is an excellent deal.Formula 4 is fast down the line and excellent for carving. I wouldnt drop that price. Someone will pick it up!

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    sweet board! Too big for me.

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    Thanks. I'm kind of pissed I am never going to be able to ride this. ****. Sad to see it go.
    Board hasn't even touched water.

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    Bump bump. Will drop the price a bit , PM for information.
    Board is 6 8.

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    May keep this board and see how my leg is when I go to Hawaii.
    Make an offer on the board regardless, want it gone.

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    Matt's boards are pretty sick. Like said you shouldn't have problem unloading that. If it was 6'0 I might have been all over that.

    Good luck with your sale!

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    The last bump. I got invited to HI next week, so may decide to bring this board along pending condition of my ****ing gimped leg.

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    how wide? how thick? i might really be interested