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    Thinking about surfing

    I'm new to this forum and pretty new to the idea of surfing or even body boarding. I love to watch it, but just haven't gotten out there. I did take some windsurfing lessons out at the Berkeley Marina some time ago and I had a terrific time. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a good place to go where they teach you how to surf or bodyboard out here in the Bay Area?

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    ocean beach pier, san diego
    check around the wharf in santa cruz or ask inside the nor-cal surf shop in pacifica. if you're looking for an option in SF try mollusk surf shop in off lincoln or aqua off sloat... best way to learn is just get some armor, get a board, and get in the ocean... preferably as often as possible

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    One word- Maverick's. Start there. It's just a few miles down the road from Half Moon Bay.

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    Exclamation Mavericks??

    I'm sorry I have to disagree he needs to check this first

    ride it mate .. ride!

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    Thx. As you can see I'm new to this forum and it took me a minute to find my post. So thx for the info.

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    I wouldnt start out at mavericks, do some research and find a place with consistant but smaller waves. Mavericks in the winter time is huge. The only thing there in the summer time is sharks and more sharks and some sharks. Did I forget to mention that that place is very close to the Red Triangle? The Red Triangle is a smorgasboard for the carcharodon carcharias aka the Great White.

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    I heard the guy in the video below is offering lessons at Pipeline

    He seems like a nice chap...

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    Commitment to buying a board and sticking with it is key. Learn to float right, paddle, pop up, dive or turtle depending on what you buy.

    make sure you get alot of water time.

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    it really helps to be in shape. the basic fundamentals of surfing can be learned by watching experienced surfers and mimicing (hopefully, that's close to the spelling...I'm too tired to give a rats a$$). be not afraid of the ocean, but respect it's power, never forget that it can take your life if your not prepared for it's wrath.

    like johnnytoobad said, water time, water time, water's the only way too progress

    and be ready to feel completely frustrated...that is until you pull into to that one and experience the unbelievably awesome feeling that it gives'll be hooked after that one ride.

    good luck, know your limits, show respect and get ready to learn, live and be humbled.

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    read up on surfing etiquette. it will make learning to surf more enjoyable and safer for you and everyone else.