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    Has anyone ordered from wetsuitwearhouse recently, or ever? If so, please share your experience.

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    I've used them a few times. I think they ship out of Maryland so if you live on the East Coast, you will usually get your order the next day.

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    A+ I have ordered several suits from them.. you have to follow thier posted size charts. if something isnt right the will make it ez for you to get it right.
    my only fail with them was when I ordered drylock boots. turns out that drylock boots run much smaller then other boots.
    my billabong sg5 boots are size 12 and they are plenty loose but I could not for the life of me get my feet to fit into dylock boots size 13. they paid to ship them back and credited back to my card.

    Highly recommend using wetsuitwearhouse!

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    Bought a few suits from them Hyper-flex (their own) brand has a very good price and last for 3 seasons. They are great and I would recommend WW. Good Luck!

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    They are a good company, I have ordered 2 suits and some booties. everything fit according to the size chart.

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    Thanks guys

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    Nothing but the best there. Great pricing, fast shipping. I didn't need to return everything, but the return policy seems reasonable.

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    Stand up company... True to their word with quick delivery and great customer service.

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    wetsuit ware house is awesome, this winter i orderd excell infinity drylocks(7mm) for around $30, shipped to jersey in 2 days, awesome service!

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    Have used them a few times as well. Totally stand up guys. They know their stuff and help get you right size - the return policy is fine.

    Once got a vest that wasn't right and they shipped me right size that day before I was able to return the old one to make sure I had it for the weekend swell.

    Totally recommend them.