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    8 42.11%
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    11 57.89%
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    Mittens or Gloves

    Just wondering. See alot of guys with either. I use the mittens seem to be plenty warm. Do five finger gloves keep warmth??

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    i have lobster style mittens, where the index and thumb are by themselves, and the fingers are together....and the only finger that ever gets cold is my index mittens are definitely warmer.

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    Have used both... Mittens all the way. They keep you warmer because your fingers are together (bodyheat) plus there are less seems to break so there will be less leaks.

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    both have advantages

    mittens are definately warmer mil for mil but i feel like a gumby or something with them on so i use gloves on all but the coldest days then ill use mittens

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    wear deeeez.......

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    oneill 3mm 5 finger gloves, lets no water in, n keeps me warm all winter long