Me and my soon to be Wife are planning our Honeymoon for Oct. 21st -28th in San Juan and I was wondering where would be a perfect place to spend a day or two surfing. I'm a novice skill level with about 15+ years of experience surfing the East Coast of Florida as well as the Gulf Coast (when it's good). I'm pretty spoiled when it comes to sandy bottom beaches and have zero experience with reef surfing so I would like to avoid any such hazards while on my honeymoon, i'll save the adventures for another time if you know what i mean. I have read that Guajataca is a good place to check out as well as South Rincon, but not sure how good the surf is. I primarly surf on my 12ft SUP these days, and I pull out the 8ft 1" McTavish every now and then on the larger / more windy days. I'm looking for a leisure wave, not huge barrells over a reef or anything, anybody got some suggestions that would be worth checking out?