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Hello, thought I would chime in here...mostly because I plan on getting married in PR and have been there so many times.

Stop 8 is your best best for multiple reasons:
  • It's close to where you are staying
  • Its longboard friendly
  • It's an easy paddle
  • There is a good vibe in the water
  • There will be other non-locals
  • It's easy to get food
  • It doesn't have a lot of sea urchins
  • There is an area where your wife can get in the water
  • It has a cool backdrop
Great post! Thanks for all that info, i'll definitely keep all those in consideration. The more i think about it, this trip is getting me stoked, can't wait to experience it all. La Ocho sounds like a great place to surf, and you pretty much covered all the important points. Lots of other stuff around there to do as well so we can mix it up quite a bit. From what i'm gathering renting a car / van is going to be essential, especially if I rent an SUP or longboard