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Thread: 030912 fun ?

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    030912 fun ?

    ok, so we know the SSW can be hit or miss, mostly miss. But with the gusty winds and some of the wind direction running south hard for good lengths of thought is that if the wind forcast ends up in our favor, you might want to be on it.

    We'll see.

    VA buoy is down?

    Local winds SSW, local buoy S

    weatherunderground says wnw/nw winds for friday says nw winds for friday, nnw winds not until evening

    swellinfo says we will not not be clean for Friday in OCMD

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    MARINE: Fri

    NW winds 15 to 20 kt...diminishing to 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon. Seas 4 to 5 ft with a dominant period of 8 seconds. A chance of showers in the morning.

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    you figure at least a long board and maybe the young rippers will be busting some airs, maybe not much but could be fun for sure the way those winds are ripping right now,..

    here to finding the AM with Good Offshores.