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Sorry for the attitude guys. This winter has just been brutal with hardly any swells, but unusually warm weather. Guess you can't have both. Anyway, anybody who knows the east coast knows we get **** for waves down here. I mean OBX is good but 4 hrs away, and there are some undisclosed places that are fun but swells come in and leave so fast. I'm originally a yankee and surf up north is really good. My sis used to live in Long Beach, LI and that place pumps. Jersey straight up thumps like the Outer Banks. Just picked up Dark Fall DVD. That **** cray! But I came to school down here and once you see the women and feel the weather, I don't think anyone would ever want to leave.
I hear ya man, I live up in the mid atlantic and surf NJ weekly but I have spent a good amount of time down in CB as well. I love it down there, just the overall vibe of the area is so relaxed and moves at a much slower pace than up here. Hopefully I'll be seeing you out in the lineup down there soon.