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Thread: Surfing in NJ

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    dude you haven't learn to surf yet and already complaining about wave size..answer to ur question get a long board or a fun shape board...

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    Actually... summer is the PERFECT time for you to learn to surf. Would your rather learn in the winter, in your 5 mil, in rifling barrels, falling face first into 40 degree water 50 times a session?

    To give you the best answer, we need to know where you live/what beach you'll be learning at, how much time you plan on dedicating to learning, and what your budget is.

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    Get a longboard

    Shape Your Surfing Experience

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    i thought gary fisher made mountain bikes. anyway i have a 6'0 for sale you might like, if you decide of shortboard shape. check your inbox messages.

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    I've got an 8'0 Bushman pintail? I'll give you a good deal on it hell I'm not using it anymore.

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    any board over 8ft long... don't waste your time with a shortboard if your only gonna surf in the summer. maybe one of the foam boards... you know, the big yellow ones...

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    i got a 7'4" wrv funshape. pretty good to learn on if your gonna go to a shorty. ill let it go pretty cheap justs sits in my garage anyways. also dont hate on jersey waves do some research youll learn soon enough. pm if your interested in the board.